Top 50 Digital Marketing Tools That Can Help Your Restaurant Brand Succeed on Instagram

Regardless of how skilled you are in any given job, chances are, you’re not much use without the proper tools. Instagram marketing, or social media marketing in general, is pretty much the same. Sure, you have what it takes to be a good at restaurant marketing on social media, but you can be so much more effective with the right tools to support you. And in a stage as competitive as digital marketing, you need all the help you can get.

Lucky for you, I’ve got just the tools you can use to add to your stack. 50 of them, in fact.¬†

Top 50 Digital Marketing Tools

Now, before we get started on the list, understand that you don’t actually need to use all 50 tools, although nobody is stopping you if you want to do it. However, each restaurant has its own specific needs, and each tool has a specific use. My advice? Experiment and find the collection of tools that best fits your restaurant marketing ideas.

Tools for E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing, while not totally necessary to succeed on social media marketing, is a great way to supplement it. E-mail marketing is a way for you to contact your current or potential customers directly through their e-mails. You can use e-mail platforms to send adverts on discounts or offer opportunities to call for action.

Naturally, e-mail marketing will require a lot of e-mail management, not just a way to send bulk e-mails to your customers. E-mails are a good source of data as well. This data can be used to further improve your restaurant marketing strategies but will require tools to make sense out of them.

  1. Constant Contact  Excellent for small businesses. Has a 60-day free trial.
  2. GetResponse  Comes with a webinar and landing page creator.
  3. MailChimp  Has a free plan and is excellent for blogging-focus marketing.
  4. TinyLetter  Used to send newsletters. Best used for simpler projects or small businesses.
  5. HubSpot  Has a tool that can help create professional marketing e-mails. Excellent free plan
  6. ConvertKit  Makes creating automated e-mail workflows very easy.
  7. Benchmark  Has plenty of user-friendly, templates for you to use. Also has free plan.
  8. Mailjet  Has a way to view your e-mail stats and has an easy-to-use e-mail editor.
  9. Drip  Excellent for eCommerce, blogging and of course, marketers.
  10. SendInBlue  Has an excellent e-mail and SMS campaign rolled into one.

SEO Marketing Tools

Another thing that can greatly benefit your social media marketing is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Prioritizing SEO can help improve your content’s exposure, making sure that people who search for specific keywords become more likely to find your restaurant’s Instagram account. 

SEO is especially important nowadays, since new trends can go viral at any time. This can help you keep your content ahead of the curve, and ahead of your competition.

  1. Google Search Console¬† Offered for free, and great for monitoring and checking on a website’s presence on Google.
  2. SEMRush¬† Good SEO tool for tracking your content’s rankings and any changes to them.
  3. KWFinder¬† If you’re looking for keywords with a lower-level of competition, this is a good tool to have.
  4. SpyFu  Keeps tracks of popular keywords and how difficult it could be to compete in them. Has a free plan.
  5. Answer The Public  Works great for e-commerce blogs and for creating SEO optimized content.
  6. Ubersuggest  This SEO tool is used to determine whether a specific keyword is worth getting into.
  7. Moz¬† One that many SEO experts recommend, since it’s always up to date on Google’s algorithm.
  8. Ahrefs¬† Makes use of a competitor analysis that can help you improve your own brand’s ranking.¬†
  9. Serpstat  Good all-in-one tool that is also very affordable.
  10. CORA  Great for SEO auditing your content.
  11. Screaming Frog  Fast site audits. Also informs you of any duplicate content, errors, bad redirections and other areas that need improvement.
  12. Keywords Everywhere  Highly efficient at finding the best keywords for you to use.
  13. Fat Rank¬† Great for analyzing your site’s performance and which keyword ranking you’re in.
  14. SEOQuake  Good for assessing any of your internal and external links.
  15. Siteliner¬† If you’re worried about duplicate content, this tool can help you track them down.

Tools for Content Creation and Planning

Before you could even think about marketing your brand, you’ll have to create content that goes with it. Good content not only draws in your audience, improving engagement, it should also fit your brand’s story well and put your restaurant marketing ideas to life. Typically, you can hire a full-time writer for this, but that has its own set of problems. Luckily though, there are tools that can help you plan out, organize, create, and check whatever content is created for use on your social media.

  1. Ideaflip  Helps greatly with brainstorming ideas for content.
  2. Hemingway App¬† If you’re creating content for a specific audience, this tool makes sure that they’re able to understand the message you’re trying to send across.
  3. Grammarly  Checks for any grammar or spelling errors on your content.
  4. oTranscribe  Makes it faster and easier to transcribe audio. Very useful for interview-type content.
  5. Copyscape¬† It wouldn’t you your brand any good if content was created that can get you accused of plagiarism. Copyscape is a tool that prevents just that.

Tools for Adding Visuals

  1. The Noun Project  Used for creating icons and other images you can use with your content.
  2. PlaceIt  Helps you to embed images to your content.
  3. Unsplash¬† It’s a great source for stock images, and it’s absolutely free.
  4. Canva  Helps with adding text to images.

Tools for Content Planning

  1. DYNO Mapper  Helps with overall content planning but can also help organize your content links as well.
  2. Coschedule  Scheduling tool that works great with organizing the workload for your marketing team.
  3. Trello  Project management board that is user-friendly, allows for easy content planning.
  4. Google Drive  Free tool that can help you store and organize content and help keep track of data.
  5. Airtable  Another scheduling and content planning tool. Very user-friendly.
  6. Asana  Free scheduling tool that can keep track and organize up to 15 people at a time.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Digital marketing is an industry that is constantly shifting, so in order to compete effectively, you need social media marketing tools that are efficient at what they do. You can’t afford to lag behind even for just a day. The best marketing tools do the job quick and have plenty of features that can help you adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment.

  1. Planoly  Auto-posts content without you needing to do it yourself.
  2. RiteTag  Good for finding the best hashtags that can give your images the best exposure possible.
  3. Grum¬† Automatically publishes stories for you, allowing for scheduled posting even when you’re not on your phone.
  4. Buffer  Instagram marketing tool that helps make reposting easy.
  5. SocialBlade¬† Helps keep track of your Instagram stats. Solid analytics tool that’s free.
  6. Wordswag  Turns ordinary text into works of art. 
  7. Iconosquare  Finds the best hashtags for your content and brand, as well as keeping track of the ones your competitors are using.
  8. Instagrowth  Helps with the organic growth of your Instagram account by helping you organize it.
  9. Kicksta  Allows you to organize content and images to maximize engagement.
  10. Foursixty  Excellent for helping with e-commerce outside of restaurant marketing on social media.

Have you found the right tools for your own digital marketing? Why not celebrate with a tool for creating digital menu as well? Try piatto.io today.

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