Recruiting a Restaurant Marketing Manager: Skills You Need To Look For

Running a restaurant, or any business for that matter, can be pretty overwhelming. When things get tough, any good leader knows when to get help. One of the many aspects where you may need help with is restaurant marketing. Restaurant marketing can be tricky business by itself and trying to multitask between managing your restaurant and marketing your brand at the same time is never a good idea. 

That is where a good restaurant marketing manager comes in. But how do you go about hiring one? What attributes should you be looking for? It’s also a leader’s job to know whether a person is right for the job, and lucky for you, I know exactly what you should be looking for.

Things to Look for When Recruiting a Restaurant Marketing Manager

Great Communication Skills

One of the most important aspects of marketing is being able to communicate well. It’s a marketing manager’s job to deliver the story of your brand to your target audience, so having someone on your team that is able to carry your massage across well is very important. With social media being a thing for many restaurants, it’s also important that your marketing manager is able to engage your customers online without being too pushy. They don’t even need to be eloquent. They just need to know how to carry a conversation.

Social Media Knowhow

You may already know this, but if your restaurant still isn’t taking advantage of social media, then you’re probably doing restaurant marketing wrong. Now, the one posting on your restaurant’s Instagram account doesn’t have to be you personally, so you don’t need to be Instagram-savvy to succeed in social media marketing. Your marketing manager, however, does.

It’s important for your prospective marketing manager to go beyond having their own Facebook account and how to navigate is. They need to understand how to use the appropriate marketing tools that can help you track your audience and monitor other metrics on your social media accounts.

Creativity and Initiative

This may sound a bit formulaic, but you’ll also need a marketing manager who isn’t bound by accepted conventions. You need someone who knows how to think outside of the box. In the business world, it’s important to stay competitive, but in order to do that, your marketing manager will need to be adaptable and stay ahead of the curve in order to keep your brand relevant. And in a world that changes as quickly as this industry, keeping yourself relevant is a real challenge. Find someone who is able to give you fresh ideas and one who isn’t afraid to learn new things.

Quick Decision-Making

Sometimes, it takes but a moment to make or break your marketing strategies, especially so during a crisis. This is why having a marketing manager who is able to think on their feet is important. This skillset is valuable in case you need to clean up after making a mistake or use any sort of marketing opportunity to your advantage. It wouldn’t do your restaurant well if the person in charge of your brand marketing freezes or panics at the first sign of trouble.

Got a good idea who could fill up your restaurant’s marketing management role? How about someone who can update your digital menu? The guys behind piatto.io can certainly help you.

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