7 Ways To Keep Your Food Influencers Happy

If you’ve been on the internet for as long as I have, then you’ve probably heard of the term “influencers”. Influencers are people who are well-established on social media, like Instagram influencers. If you own a restaurant, having an influencer endorse your restaurant menu can be a great marketing boost.

Now, influencers can be encouraged to try your product out through different means. Their agent might contact you, they might contact you directly, or if you’re lucky, they’re probably already a fan of yours. What we’re going to focus on isn’t how to get Instagram influencers though. We’re focusing more on how you can compensate them when they do decide to endorse your restaurant. Or if you’re negotiating with them to do a bit of influencer marketing on your behalf and you need to sweeten the deal.

So, let’s assume you already have your influencer. Here are 7 ways you can compensate food influencers to promote your restaurant.

1. Offer Them Pre-Launch Samples

Say you have an upcoming new item on your restaurant menu. A good way to use this to your advantage is by letting your influencers have a taste of it first, long before it’s released to the public. Invite them over to your restaurant and cook up your new dish just for them. It’s a great way to cultivate a good relationship with your chosen influencer. Best part is your influencer might even give you tips to help improve it before you let the public have a taste.

2. Give Them Discounts

One of the easiest ways you can reward influencers is by giving them discounts on your products. You can always give them free samples, but when you’re working with restaurant marketing, it’s best to keep them coming back for more. A 20% discount on all your food items would definitely help ensure that.

3. Invite Them Over During Events

If your restaurant is doing an event, another good way to compensate your influencer is by inviting them over. Since you’re inviting people anyway, it’s a nice and easy way to remind them that you value their contributions to your restaurant marketing. It’ll also be a great way to let your influencer have some fun with your employees and friends.

4. Sponsor Them A Trip

Another good opportunity for your influence to like you more is to sponsor a trip. A lot of influencers tend to travel a lot, so a good way to get on their good side, or even to give your restaurant some good exposure is to pay for their trip. Who knows, if they plan to visit somewhere close to your restaurant, you can even invite them over for a meal.

5. Help Expand Their Network

Now this might be my favorite way to get on the good side of some influencers. Mostly because it’s free. Influencers benefit a lot from exposure, whether on social media or on the internet in general. While your influencer markets your menu, you can also direct your customers, or even people who simply walk in front of your restaurant, to their pages or social media. They scratch your back, you scratch theirs.

6. Freebies

If you can afford it, why not send your influencer some free swag as well? But what do you send them? Well, unless they live somewhere close, food is probably out of the question. So why not send them some t-shirts or other goodies that have your branding on them? Everybody loves free stuff, and influencers are no different. Who knows, maybe they’ll wear your free stuff on their next venture, which is basically free influencer marketing for you.

7. Appearance in Promotional Material

If you’re at the stage where you can do video marketing, why not invite your influencer for a cameo? Definitely better than simply showing food on your marketing is having a well-known influencer enjoy them. It’s great exposure both for your restaurant and for them.

Now that you have a few ideas on keeping your influencers happy, why not go the extra mile and digitize your restaurant menu to fit the occasion? Try piatto.io and you can do just that.

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