Why Hire a Food Stylist?

First impressions are very important when it comes to restaurants, especially with the food. Have you ever entered a restaurant with less-than-appetizing pictures of their menu? Probably not, right? Understanding how your food looks and making it look its best is paramount to getting your customers through the door. But how do you make food look its best? Well, that’s where food stylists come in. 

What is a Food Stylist?

Food stylists, in the most basic sense, are people who make food look good, whether it’s in photos or videos. Think of those images you see in commercials, like crispy fried chicken, hamburgers dripping with sauce, or pizza with stringy cheese. Don’t they look appetizing? All that work to make food look good is done by a food stylist.

I know what you’re thinking though: “I can probably do all that by myself”. You probably could, but unless you have the same kind of training or experience most food stylists have, the results are probably not as good. Let me explain.

What people don’t usually know about food stylists is that there’s a lot of training and expertise behind all of their work. They need to have a high level of understanding of how to make certain food look their best after they are prepared. As a matter of fact, the best food stylists are usually people who once worked as chefs or at least worked in the kitchen in some of the most well-known restaurants all over the world.

 It’s not enough to “know your way around the kitchen” to make food look as glamorous as a food stylist can.

What Preparation is Involved in Food Styling?

Food stylists are generally involved with the entire process of producing the perfect food image. They’re usually the first one in and the last one out. Food stylists are responsible for finding the right ingredients, arranging where they’re sourced, the preproduction aspect of it, the actual preparation of the food, and are even present right when the food is faced by the camera. This is in case they need to make small adjustments on the fly.

Their job isn’t limited to just the food, either. They may even be tasked at finding items or other pieces of equipment that would complement the food itself. This could involve anything from different accessories like candles, small decorations or ribbons, down to the table it’s presented on and even the plate being used. 

Another aspect of food styling is time. Unlike chefs who only need to worry about making food look good for the few minutes before a customer eats the dish, the stylist needs to consider that the photoshoot itself might take hours at a time. Some food items just don’t look as appetizing a few minutes after they’ve been out of the oven. Stylists will need to be resourceful and look for solutions outside the kitchen to make the food look good for hours, as if it was still fresh.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Food Stylist?

There are plenty of ways a food stylist can benefit your restaurant marketing. They can make your menu look its best, and they can be responsible for bringing the bulk of your customers into your business. I mean, how many times did you feel compelled to visit a fast food joint after seeing one of their commercials? 

If you operate on social media and post images and videos online, a food stylist could also help you improve the quality of those images as well. Food stylists could definitely take your restaurant to a new level.

If you do decide to hire one, why not put your visual restaurant menu online while you’re at it? Try out piatto.io today and make your menu the best it can be.

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