7-Point Checklist to optimize your restaurant menu for millennials

Learning how to effectively attract Millennials to your restaurant can prove to offer a vital source of revenue. The days of the baby boomers (anyone born between 1946 and 1964) patronizing restaurants are nearly past, research has shown that they only eat out on average once a week. Millennials (born between 1981 and 1997) on the other hand are either ordering food or eating out at least three times a week. With this in mind, any restaurateur who wants to succeed needs to learn how to design ta restaurant menu to satisfy these potential clients.

What type of menu is attractive to Millennials?

According to Forbes magazine, an average millennial spends over 40% of their food budget on eating out. This is why designing a menu to cater to this group will prove a far more profitable venture than any other target group. To achieve this, you need to keep up to date with the latest dining trends. 

One such trend is the recent explosion in the popularity of the fast-casual restaurant chains. Commentators believe these will soon overtake the popularity of fast-food chains. Millennials are interested in being offered healthy food options as well as convenience. The quality of food that these fast-casual establishments offer Millennials, remains the primary reason for their rise in popularity. Forbes magazine also points to offer an increased variety on the menu as another key to successfully serving a millennial clientele. 

How to optimize your menu to attract Millennials?

#1 Make it healthier

Millennials tend to select restaurants whose menus are more sophisticated and feature healthier food options

#2 Remove unwanted foodstuffs

Your menu should focus on foods that are low in salt and sugar, as well as GMO-free. Offering options that accommodate specific dietary needs, such as Gluten-free options will also prove popular.

#3 Organic or locally sourced

A recent Nielsen report revealed that 30% of Millennials look for sustainable sound, low calorie, locally sourced and organic food. The survey also noted that they are content to pay an extra to secure this quality. 

#4 Optimize your menu

Designing your menu in a fashion that will highlight its strengths is central to your restaurant’s success, helping you attract a more millennial demographic and as a consequence swelling your revenues.

#5 Millennial like small-batch beers

One of the fastest-growing trends among the millennial generation is their passion for craft beers and distillery products. Adding some craft beers to your menu will help provide it the feel of a fast-casual establishment. Studies show that 90% of customers read the drink menu at restaurants. Millennials surveyed prefer to include a stand-alone drinks menu at their table. 

#5 Millennial love technology

Waiting for an age is something that most Millennials are not willing to do. Using a digital menu and table manager will help keep both your staff and customers satisfied. This type of software will allow your customers make reservations, eliminate delays, choose their seating arrangement and much more. There are so many different tech solutions available. Millennials are happy for them too. 

#6 You have to use social media

Social media occupies a critical role in the majority of Millennials’ lives, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram marketing are just three ways to influence how they choose places to want to eat. 20% admit that they have eaten in restaurants purely based on social media posts made by their friends. Effectively using social media marketing can be incredibly successful in reaching a larger audience, it can also be optimized to reach people who live close to your establishment.

#7 Let your customers promote your menu for you

Millennials love to share what they are doing at any given time. Making sure your Instagram and twitter handles are either on every table or menu helps to encourage them to market your business for you. Adding a few creative and catchy hashtags is never a bad idea either.

Millennials are rapidly becoming the strongest economic force in the hospitality market. As we stated previously they spend over 40% of their food budget on dining out.

If you are interested in learning more about optimizing your restaurant menu to attract this generation, please do not hesitate to contact the team at piatto.io today.

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