5 Restaurant Brands That Are Killing It On Instagram

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Social media has become a vital component of restaurant marketing since it has a huge effect on how you create and build relationships with your customers. Although being able to kill it in social media is what many restaurants strive for, very few are able to pull it off. When they do, though, they’re able to connect with their customers on a level that was never possible before social media was a thing.

To give you some ideas on your next restaurant marketing strategies, here are 5 restaurants that killed it in Instagram marketing, and how they managed it.

Taco Bell

Amongst all major food chains, Taco Bell not only has the largest following on Instagram, with over 1.3 million followers, they also have a very high customer engagement rate. This shows just how well they are able to emotionally connect with their audience. But how do they do it? Well, with a little bit of humor, of course.

Taco Bell’s restaurant marketing combines great images of food with humorous captions. They don’t even have to overdo it, either. A collection of tacos over a brightly-colored background and a witty caption is all you’ll need to have your followers liking and sharing your content.

The Shed

Despite being a small, single-location restaurant, The Shed is able to amass a good number of followers and create engagement that can rival even the industry’s giants. This Mississippi barbeque joint does all this by showcasing their business and telling stories through the photos they share. 

The photos The Shed shares aren’t limited to just their mouth-watering barbeque menu, however. They also take their followers on a journey with them as they send a team to try out different barbeque joints all over the country. Not only are they increasing customer engagement, they’re also collaborating with different barbeque restaurants as well.

Sweet Green

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the best ways to succeed is to own up to your brand’s values and highlighting them. No restaurant does this better than Sweet Green. Sweet Green prioritizes making food with a purpose from scratch, and their social media content shows just that. 

Their brand showcases their ideals through a collection of photos where they support local growers, using only fresh, seasonal ingredients for each of their dishes. Whether it’s a photo of a dish made from locally-sourced ingredients or photos of the local market where they get their ingredients from, they definitely know how to show off their brand’s story.


Although it’s sometimes necessary to have professional-grade photos of your food to be successful on Instagram, it’s not always the rule. Dominos’ social media content is living proof of this. They do away with unrealistic representations of their food, but rather up the ante on customer engagement instead. They shower their followers with special discounts, giveaways, and, in some cases, they go personal and share photos of their pets. Domino also makes effective use of calls to action for their followers.

Shake Shack

Another example of succeeding in social media with minimal effort, Shake Shack’s feed primarily consists of shared photos from their followers. This food chain encourages its fans to post photos of their experiences. Many fans do answer this call to action since they’re likely to have their photos featured. 

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