What to Look for When Hiring a Food Photographer

Say you wanted to expand your marketing into the internet, especially in social media. You’ll need to use images of food, whether photos or videos, that’ll catch people’s attention. But unless you have exceptional food photography skills, you probably would do a bad job at it if you did it yourself. Well, that’s where a good food photographer comes in.

But how do you hire a food photographer? What kind of traits should you look for? What even is food photography? We’ll be answering these questions today, and hopefully by the end, you’ll know what you should be looking for.

What is Food Photography?

Basically, food photography involves taking pictures of food, whether for promotional purposes or for adding to menus. Much like other professional photographers, in order to be good at food photography, you need to have a specific set of skills and the right know-how. Taking a photograph of food is a lot different from taking a photo of people, landscapes or buildings. Food reacts differently with light and shadows, but there’s a lot more freedom when you’re dealing with shot composition and the like.

What to Look for in a Food Photographer


Most of what defines a food photographer is their knowledge, and knowledge comes with experience. It’s tempting to hire a novice food photographer for a lower price but doing so could mean you’ll be getting a subpar image in the end. An experienced food photographer understands the correct use of lenses, understands proper lighting and composition, color and style. Some of these things you’re only able to learn effectively after years of practice and study.

A good way to check a food photographer’s experience is by looking at their portfolio. They usually have it on hand, so you can simply ask for it. You can also ask them about any past gigs they’ve done. You should also remember that a photographer who has plenty of experience photographing other things might not be as good at photographing food. You’ll need someone who specifically takes photos of food for a living.

Find One With a Good Team

Although food photography is a job that can be done by one person, the most effective food photographers tend to work with a good team behind them. A particularly good studio will have the right people in it so all the actual photographers will have worry about is taking the actual photo. A good team usually consists of a technician, a photo assistant, a food stylist, an assistant for the stylist, a props person and the really good ones might even have an art director. Sometimes, the photographer is only as good as his team will let him.

The Style

You may not know it, but different food photographers have differing styles from one another. Most food photographers either specialize in editorial shoots or advertising. Depending on what types of images you’re looking for, you might want to check what a particular food photographer specializes in. Are you planning on doing restaurant marketing on social media? Then an advertising specialist is probably what you’re looking for. Again, look at a food photographer’s portfolio before you hire them. This will let you maximize the type of pictorial you want to do based on what the photographer himself is good at.

Hiring a food photographer is a good place to start when updating your restaurant menu. The second step should be visiting piatto.io. Try it out today.

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